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Wolfiek Light Terminator Semi-auto

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Latest Generation

This is the Gen 2.0 Wolfiek Light Terminator. Based on the Terminator, the ubiquitous high powered semiauto by AEA, it takes advantage of its dual tank feature to provide it with massive autonomy while at the same time reducing its weight! Shoulder it from the 350CC bottle, and hold it from the 740CC bottle, just to remind you of the impressive 1090CC total air volume available for you. Ideal for long stays in the field where you can't bring the filling gear, both carbon fiber bottles not only give you that extra fuel, but also make it MUCH lighter than the original configuration.

Available for both calibers


NOTE: as with other AEA semi auto airguns, the Terminator and its variants require full power to be used in semi auto. 

Tech Specs

Action Semi-Auto
Velocity (81 gr) 900 fps // 274 m/s 
Magazine 10 shots
Energy Min  12 FPE / 16J || Max 150 FPE / 200J
Barrel Length  510mm // 20"
Air Bottle Capacity 1090cc
Fill Pressure 3600 PSI // 250 BAR
Weight 3.78KG // 8.33Ibs


Inside the box:

  • AEA Terminator Semi-auto Airgun
  • x1 Fill probe
  • x2 Magazines

Note: Magazines have a limited life based on their use, and for that reason, they are not covered under warranty. It's good to know that magazines are relatively inexpensive.



AEA semi auto airguns require at least a 30 Joules configuration to cycle and effectively become semi-auto airguns.

When set to a lower power, these airguns cannot function in semi-auto and require the user to manually operate the bolt after each shot.

For this reason, when set to < 30Joules, AEA airguns that would normally be semi-auto become repeater airguns. This makes them legal under UK standards.

Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"

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