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Bundle SF DMR

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SF Sniper .25 + Bipod + Scope Veyron 6-24 FFP

The SF Designated Marksman Rifle takes that role to the airgun realm. Ideal for shooting at intermediate to long ranges thanks to its long barrel and capable optics, aided by the support from the bipod, the SF DMR can also help you land multiple shots in quick succession, should the situation (or desire) merit it! You can switch back to a single shot for those far-out targets and then toggle the semi-auto to increase the amount of lead you’re throwing downrange as fast as your trigger finger can go. Precision and volume of fire - because you can have both.

NOTE: semi auto operation is available only in full power.

Caliber .25 Cal
Weight 5.7 LBS (2,59 kg)
Barrel Length 18 Inches (457 mm)
Overall Length 45 Inches (1143 mm)
Integrated Shroud w/ baffles
Cocking System Semi-Auto AND Bolt-Action
Adjustable External Regulator
Magazine Capacity .25 Cal 10 Shots
Air Tube Capacity 330 CC
Max Air Filling Pressure 4500 PSI
Muzzle Velocity .25 CAL Min 12FPS || @ 25.4GR UP TO 900 FPS
Shots per fill .25 CAL 65+ good shoots
Optics 11mm Dovetail Scope Mount

Inside The Box:

  • AEA Bundle SF DMR Airgun
  • x1 Fill probe
  • x2 Magazines
  • Bipod
  • Scope Veyron 6-24 FFP

Note: Magazines have a limited life based on their use, and for that reason, they are not covered under warranty. It's good to know that magazines are relatively inexpensive.



AEA semi auto airguns require at least a 30 Joules configuration to cycle and effectively become semi-auto airguns.

When set to a lower power, these airguns cannot function in semi-auto and require the user to manually operate the bolt after each shot.

For this reason, when set to < 30Joules, AEA airguns that would normally be semi-auto become repeater airguns. This makes them legal under UK standards.

Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"

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