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AEA Airguns 480 BAR/7500 PSI Air Compressor

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Introducing the AEA PCP Air Compressor, engineered to deliver unmatched pressure capacity for your airgun needs. Certified for use up to an impressive 480 BAR (7500 PSI), this air compressor for PCP airguns sets a new standard in high-pressure air-filling equipment. Many guns are rated for 350 BAR, but not many airgun compressors can reach this level. The AEA Compressor does it effortlessly without breaking a sweat.

Safety is a top priority for AEA. This airgun PCP compressor features auto-stop to prevent overpressure and operates OIL FREE, which is crucial for maintaining safety at extreme pressure levels.

Key Features:

  • Operating pressure of 480 BAR/7500 PSI
  • CE certified at 620 BAR/9000 PSI
  • Software limited to 450 BAR/7500 PSI
  • SAFETY FIRST: Auto-stop thanks to electronic pressure sensors and mechanical safety valve - FAIL-SAFE OPERATION
  • OIL FREE: Improved safety and ease of maintenance
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this on a 110V supply (unless you are using a power converter); doing so will cause damage and void the warranty.

110 to 220 Converter (Optional) The voltage converter is specifically designed to meet the power requirements of the AEA compressor by converting 110 volts to 220 volts. For optimal performance of this PCP airgun compressor, the output side should be set to 220 volts.

The converter accepts input voltages of 110/120/220/240 volts AC, with selectable options on the rear panel. It provides 110 volts and 220 to 240 volts AC on the output side, with American and European plugs respectively, making it suitable for a wide range of other electrical devices. Despite its powerful capabilities, the converter remains lightweight at just 2.42kg, making it easy to transport.

For anyone seeking a reliable and adaptable airgun PCP compressor, the AEA compressor is an ideal choice. Don't miss out on checking an airgun compressor review to see why this model is highly recommended by enthusiasts. The AEA PCP Air Compressor is perfect for those looking for an airgun compressor 7500 psi, delivering top-notch performance and reliability.


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